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Since its inception in 1958, Kyobo Life Insurance has been a steadfast pillar in the Korean insurance sector, unwavering in its commitment to the world of life insurance.

Rooted in profound founding philosophies of the 'promotion of education of the Korean people' and the 'formation of the nation's capital,' Kyobo Life Insurance has been a pioneer from the very start. We introduced the world's first education insurance with an innovative approach to merge education and insurance. Additionally, Kyobo Life has consistently led the Korean insurance market by introducing products such as Korea's first retirement insurance, cancer insurance, and variable life insurance.

Today, Kyobo Life is one of the largest life insurers in the country with total assets exceeding $92 billion. Our profitability and financial stability have garnered international acclaim, earning us an A1 rating from Moody's and an A+ rating from Fitch.

Based on the core values that include tenacity, creativity, customer-centricity, honesty and integrity, Kyobo Life has been dedicated to ensuring customer satisfaction. Now, the company announced its vision of becoming the leading financial company delivering art and culture by 2025. Kyobo Life will aim to expand its customer coverage, recognizing the essential value of life insurance, and diversify its business into financial investments, art, and culture projects, aiming to become an innovative company that encompasses culture and finance.