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University of Colorado Denver

University of Colorado Denver

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Country: USA

Description of Program:
The program, started in 2011, is the only comprehensive Risk Management (RMI) Program between the West Coast and the Mid-West/Texas. Startup funds for the program was provided by Pinnacol Assurance, a major Colorado based carrier with a wide network of agents in the state. The program has achieved a sustained double-digit growth in enrollments, with numbers in each semester between 125 and 150. Classes are taught by a mix of academics and professionals in RMI. The program emphasizes experiential learning in instruction. It partners with more than 250 companies for named scholarships (funded with aggregate pledges of about 1 million), classroom guest lectures, shadow day, internships and employment. It works closely with CPCU, RIMS and PRIMA, who fund 1-2 selected students to attend their national, regional and local monthly meetings. These activities are facilitated by the program’s External Relations Coordinator., The program’s annual, 3-week, intensive Global Risk Management course, with visit to London, is now in its fifth year. It is offered in a unique partnership with industry, where they participate in content formulation, delivery, updating, planning for class and overseas visits, and providing mentors. The program is counselled by an active Advisory Council of 40 members who are all high level executives of major Risk Management and Insurance firms in the region. The Council usually meets twice a year. The program maintains its 100% placement record. It has been ranked by Business Insurance magazine as among the largest 20 RMI programs in the country, in 2017 and 2018.

Degrees offered:
BSBA Risk Management and Insurance

Minor, Risk Management and Insurance
MS Finance, specialization Risk Management
MS Information Systems, specialization Enterprise Risk Management
MBA, specialization Risk Management
Certificate in Risk Management Studies, Undergraduate
Certificate in Risk Management, Graduate

Course listings:
RISK 1000: Introduction to Careers in Risk Management and Insurance 
RISK 3809:  Introduction to Risk Management
RISK 3949: Experiential Learning with the Risk Management and Insurance Industry
RISK 4209 Cyber Risk Management
RISK 4609: Claims Management
RISK 4709: Life & Health Insurance
RISK 4809: Property & Casualty Insurance
RISK 4909: Corporate Risk Management
RISK 4129:  Practical Enterprise Risk Management
RISK 6129:  Practical Enterprise Risk Management
RISK 6209 Cyber Risk Management
RISK 6309: Strategic Risk Management
RISK 6809: Principles of Risk Management & Insurance
RISK 6909: Corporate Risk Management
RISK 4950/6800: Global Risk Management

Admissions Website(s) (URL):

Dr. Ajeyo Banerjee, Director, Risk Management and Insurance Program    303-315-8456

Lori Genuchi, Assistant Director, Risk Management and Insurance Program    303-315-8154