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st. john's university
Year Established: 2011 (restructured from previously AIPAR)
Host Institution: University of New South Wales (Sydney)

Based at the University of New South Wales with nodes at the Australian National University and The University of Sydney, CEPAR is producing world-class research on population ageing. The Center is a unique collaboration bringing together academia, government and industry to address one of the major social challenges of the twenty first century, provides global solutions to the economic and social challenges of population ageing and builds a new generation of researchers to global standard with an appreciation of the multidisciplinary nature of population ageing. CEPAR's mission is to produce research of the highest quality to transform thinking about population ageing, inform product and service development and provision (private practice) and public policy, and improve people's wellbeing throughout their lives.

Areas of Research: System-Wide Economic, Social and Policy Issues; Decision Making by Individuals, Households and Firms; Integrating Public and Private Provision of Products and Services; Ageing Well and Productively
Other Activities: Annual Colloquium of Superannuation Researchers (July); Pensions and Superannuation Seminar Series
Recent Publications:
• Risk Analysis for Reverse Mortgages with Different Payout Designs, Asia-Pacific Journal of Risk and Insurance, 2015. 9(1): 77-105.
• Causes-of-Death Mortality: What Do We Know on their Dependence? North American Actuarial Journal, 2015.19 (2): 116-128.
• Natural Hedging Strategies for Life Insurers: Impact of Product Design and Risk Measure, TBA. Journal of Risk and Insurance.
• Multivariate Tweedie Lifetimes: The Impact of Dependence, 2015 (online 9 February). Scandinavian Actuarial Journal.
• Reverse Mortgage Pricing and Risk Analysis Allowing for Idiosyncratic House Price Risk and Longevity Risk, 2015. Insurance Mathematics and Economics, 63 (July): 76–90.

Contact Person: Michael Sherris, Chief Investigator