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Five Tips to Combat the Insurance Industry’s Talent Shortage

Embracing technology, reimagining operating models, and developing a comprehensive talent strategy aligned with business strategy can help bridge today’s talent gap.

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Global Insurance Report: Expanding Commercial P&C’s Market relevance

Presented by McKinsey & Company

The nature of risk is evolving faster than ever. Commercial carriers must step up to fulfill the societal desire for resilience in a volatile world by closing protection gaps—or risk losing relevance.

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Transition Center of Expertise: Mobility – Land

Presented by BlackRock

The movement of people and goods over land represents about 12% of global greenhouse gas emissions. Enabled by recent advances in battery energy storage, we believe the electrification of road transport will be central in the transition to a low-carbon economy.

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Accelerating Access to Affordable, Quality Insurance

Presented by bolttech in partnership with Leapfrog

Discover how bolttech is partnering with its strategic investor LeapFrog Investments to drive the adoption of tech-enabled insurance products in emerging markets.

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Preparing for Overseas Child Education: An in-depth Analysis of the Evolving Preference of Parents in Hong Kong and Mainland China

 A research report by HSBC Life Hong Kong (partnered with Economist Impact)

With an increasing customer demand for help with planning overseas education for children, the insights in this research report will help parents better plan for the longer-term costs of international education and put in place proper financial plans to ensure their children can benefit from the global opportunities that await them.

Global Insurance Report 2023: Closing the Personal P&C Protection gap

Presented by McKinsey & Company

Despite overall growth, personal P&C lines are losing market relevance and facing a growing protection gap, with a clear dichotomy between local winners and losers. What’s next?

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Quantifying Quantified Health: Data from Wearables Reveal Lifestyle Factors that Affect Healthcare Utilization

Presented by RGA

An RGA analysis of medical expenses indicates that lifestyle data from wearable devices can indeed help health insurers better assess risk, improve underwriting, and develop propositions that incentivize healthy lifestyles.

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Global Insurance Report 2023: Reimagining life insurance

Presented by McKinsey & Company

The global life insurance industry is facing an inflection point. A fundamental reimagination will usher in significant change.

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Feel the Burn

Presented by RGA

Post-pandemic, more workers worldwide report suffering from burnout, and it is likely the numbers will continue to rise; employers and insurers alike must look for new ways to support those on long-term sick leave in their efforts to return to work.

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Hong Kong and Singapore Insurance Industry Outlook Report 2024

Presented by Clearwater Analytics

Discover a wide array of themes that are top of mind for insurers and insurance asset managers in 2024, including greater M&A activity, regulatory developments, solvency rules, investing strategies and associated operational complexities, technology expenditure, and technology priorities.