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Accelerated Underwriting: Maximizing Its Future

Presented by RGA

Alternative data sources and supporting technologies are propelling advances in accelerated underwriting, empowering insurers to speed processes and improve the customer experience.

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Multiparty Business Process Challenges Can Often Be Solved with Technology, but The Industry Needs to Team Up to Do So

IIS Executive Insights Innovation Expert: Patrick Schmid, PhD, President, The Institutes RiskStream Collaborative

Redefining Sustainability in Life & Health

Sustainability should be understood and applied more broadly in the context of life and health insurance. In her latest blog article, Daisy Ning, Head of Life & Health Reinsurance APAC ex. China at Swiss Re, explains why sustainability should directly align with the 3As of insurance.


Artificial Intelligence and Insurance Fraud: Four Dangers and Four Opportunities

Presented by RGA

Insurers can take steps now to monitor the latest AI-assisted hoaxes and harness the power of AI to uncover potential fraud throughout the insurance pipeline.

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Inflation and Insurance Replacement Costs

IIS Executive Insights Economics Expert: Dr. Michel Léonard, PhD, CBE, Chief Economist and Data Scientist, Insurance Information Institute and Riley Conlon, Research Analyst, The Insurance Information Institute

Insurance Investment Outsourcing: 10 Trends Over 10 Years











Presented by Clearwater Analytics

How do you set up an international program insurance?

Presented by Swiss Re Corporate Solutions

If you have decided that an international program is the right option for you, the next step is getting your program structured and implemented. Working with your insurance providers and broker, you will look at designing a program structure which helps you achieve your business goals. But what are the steps that you’ll need to go through?

How Asian insurers can help shape the ESG agenda for the industry

An interview with the CEO, HSBC Life Hong Kong

As insurers assume increasingly larger responsibilities in the areas of global climate change, sustainable transformation and ESG, corresponding new opportunities and challenges are emerging. With Asia being the growth engine for insurance globally, Asian insurers have the opportunity to help shape the ESG agenda for the industry.

Win in the small and medium-sized business market

Presented by Oliver Wyman

As the insurance industry is starting to evolve, the small and medium business (SMB) market becomes an interesting growth opportunity. Digital capabilities and data become more available and prolific, and customer needs and wants are beginning to shift, opening new value pools. 

Profiles of alternative assets in the life insurance landscape

Presented by Milliman

As many firms expand beyond traditional allocations to fixed income and mortgage-backed securities, this report provides a guide to 11 alternative asset classes insurers may wish to consider.

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