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nankai university
Year Established: 2009
Host Institution: Nankai University (Tianjin)

A think-tank providing technical consultancy to the health insurance industry and policymakers; research programs supported by the China Insurance Regulatory Commission, the National Health and Family Planning Commission, the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security as well as other academic societies, insurance companies and pharmaceutical companies.

Areas of Research: Public and private health insurance; long-term care and aging; health expenditure and economic growth.
Other Activities: Research seminars, conferences.
Recent Publications:
• Crowd-out or Complement: Public and Private Health Insurance in Health Expenditure Financing – An Analysis with 2003-2012 China’s Urban Provincial Panel Data (2014), Insurance Studies (Chinese), 6: 96-104.
• How Does Preferential Tax Policy Affect Commercial Health Insurance Purchase Intention (2015), Insurance Studies (Chinese), 2: 71-81.
• Effects of Private Health Insurance on Household Consumption Structure (2015), Insurance Studies (Chinese), 6:19-31.
• The Effect of the Catastrophic Medical Insurance on the Urban Resident Basic Medical Insurance Fund Balance (2014), Insurance Studies (Chinese), 1: 98-107.
• The Analysis of the Payment Patterns for Catastrophic Medical Insurance Policies:An Empirical Study Based on the Hospitalization Data of Residents in Tianjin (2013), Insurance Studies (Chinese), 1: 97-105.

Contact Person: Prisca Soares, Secretary General,