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Year Established: 1982

Host Institution: Florida State University (Tallahassee)

Established to support and enhance the research mission of the Florida State University Risk Management and Insurance program, to promote the exchange of information related to risk management and insurance across the community, to further the understanding of the important risk management and insurance issues of the day, and to support the production of high-quality collaborative and interdisciplinary research.

Areas of Research: Behavioral insurance economics, insurance market performance, management of personal longevity risk, insurance regulation, modeling and management of catastrophic risks.

Other Activities: A multi-year project to evaluate the financial feasibility of state government research efforts; several multi-disciplinary initiatives with emphasis on the areas of insurance fraud, successful longevity, and medical-legal issues; hosting international scholar visitors; conferences on insurance regulation, health insurance, insurance fraud, and the management of catastrophic risks.

Recent Publications:
• Dynamic Hybrid Products in Life Insurance: Assessing the Policyholders’ Viewpoint, Insurance: Mathematics and Economics 59. Fall 2014.

• The Differential Effects of Non-Economic Damage Cap Levels on Medical Malpractice Insurers, Risk Management and Insurance Review 17 (2). Fall 2014.

• The Impact of Insurer Name Changes on the Demand for Insurance, Journal of Risk and Insurance (forthcoming).

• An Examination of the Geographic Aggregation of Catastrophic Risk, Geneva Papers on Risk and Insurance: Issues and Practices, 2014.

• The Capitalization of Homeowners’ Insurance Premiums in House Prices, Journal of Risk and Insurance (forthcoming).

Contact Person: Patricia Born, Director