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escola nacional de seguros
Year Established: 2014
Host Institution: Brazilian School of Insurance (Escola Nacional de Seguros) (Rio de Janeiro)

Development of research on insurance economics to support the Brazilian insurance companies and regulation agencies with respect to: database (collection, analysis, storage and dissemination of statistical data); research; and publications (including books, theses and papers).

Areas of Research: Environment, catastrophic events, and their impact on insurance and reinsurance; demography, longevity and actuarial data; road traffic accidents, social costs, and organization of road-traffic accident statistics; among others.
Other Activities: Seminars, workshops, conferences, scholarships.
Recent Publications:
• Essays on Dynamic Modeling in Life Insurance and Private Pension: Longevity, Surrender and Embedded Options
• Nº 3 – Insurance and Reinsurance: Post-opening interdependence and causality
• Nº 2 – Statistics on pain and on loss of future: New evidence
• Nº 1 – Quantification of product loss from road traffic accidents: Methodology and preliminary evidence
• A Methodology for Quantifying the Loss of Product Arising from Road Traffic Accidents and Preliminary Evidence
• Microinsurance in Brazil (2015), Vol. 1, 2 and 3.

Contact Person: Claudio R. Contador, Director