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illinois state university
Year Established: 1980

Host Institution: Drake University (Des Moines)

Support for the advancement of knowledge about insurance, risk management and actuarial science, with an emphasis on the connections among students, faculty, and working professionals in industry, government, and professional educational organizations; student services for career development and professional designation

Areas of Research: Insurance regulation, ruin probabilities, insurance ethics, weather risk management, actuarial science and insurance education

Other Activities: Affiliated with Adams Bowers Actuarial Center, the Archie R. Boe Lecture Series, Iowa Actuaries Day

Recent Publications:
International Developments in the Insurance Sector: The Road to Financial Instability? CATO Institute, Working Paper No. 30 (May 27, 2015).

Ruin with Insurance and Financial Risks Following the Least Risky FGM Structure (2015), Insurance: Mathematics and Economics 62 (Ma): 98-106.

• Effects of the Recession and Slow Recovery on Ethics and Trust in the Insurance Industry (2012), Journal of Financial Services Professionals, 66(3): 51-62.

Managing Investment, Underwriting, and Production Risks from Drought-Related Agricultural Exposures (2014), CAS E-Forum (winter).

• Temperature Risk Management in Des Moines, Iowa (2015), working paper.

Contact Person: Lisa A. Gardner, Director;,