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The World Post-Covid - “Insure or Die”

by Oladele Akinsanya, Head Of Products - Performance, Improvement & Development, Custodian Life Assurance Limited


Wearables Data – Beyond Customer Engagement

The path to disrupting the market with a simpler, more frictionless purchase journey
by Tonya Blackmore,
Head Of AURA & Global Digital Underwriting, RGA

1. The Wearables Opportunity

Transforming Insurance Sales in the Digital Era

by Windian Lai, Chief Business Officer (Bancassurance And Alternative Channels), Assicurazioni Generali SpA (Hong Kong Branch)

Introduction: Transforming insurance sales

Leveraging and Digitizing a Strategy for Traditional Life Insurance Companies to Compete in the New Age

by Kaori Sánchez Mano, Business Development Specialist, MAPFRE


Who could foresee that something is going to happen that would lead us to digitalization so quickly?