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Na Re Seo

Na Re Seo

New Market Strategy Manager
Kyobo Life Insurance Co., Ltd.

Ms. NaRe Seo, is currently working as a new market strategy manager under the New Business Strategy and Operation Team at Kyobo Life Insurance Co., Ltd., one of the major life insurance Companies in South Korea with a total asset of US$ 105 billion.

In her past 10+ years of experiences at Kyobo Life, Ms. Seo devoted her career in the areas of Digital Marketing, Digital Strategy and Digital Transformation.

As a member of the New Business Strategy and Operation Team, her main role is to explore and develop new business opportunities in both insurance and non-insurance areas, and to support and facilitate the implementation of related projects, such as formation of digital P&C insurance company and two-sided market platform business, find startups and proceed with strategic investment attraction, plan to launch Short-Term Insurance company, etc.

Prior to the manager role, she was a market analyst under Digital Marketing Team, and Digital Marketing Strategy Team specialized in the digital transformation field, and mainly focused on market research and analysis to support the company’s digital strategy development and investment. Under this position, she was involved in various projects including CX (Customer Experience) improvement project to determine persona to make a customer journey via design thinking methodology, MyData project, AI-based Chatbot project, etc.

In addition to the position of the formal organisation, she is also a member of Innovative Insurance Product Concept TF since year 2015. Within this TF, she proposed and embodied more than one innovative product idea every week.