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Country: Spain

The master’s degree in Actuarial and Financial Sciences of the University of Barcelona is a multidisciplinary study program in accordance with the most demanding international standards to work in the actuarial sector, with a solid quantitative training (mathematics and statistics). Actuaries are experts on the assessment of financial risks, demographers and insurers, with a solid basis on mathematics, statistics and economic and legal knowledge. These professionals, who have a series of law-recognized functions in Spain, work in sectors such as banking, big companies with departments of risk management, insurance companies, exchange and stock exchange agencies, and other corporations that need professionals with the required quantitative training to develop these functions.

The master promotes strong connections with the insurance industry (e.g., two funded Chairs by insurance sector, two awards sponsored by insurance companies, almost all master students of the Actuarial and Financial sciences undertake work placements during their academic life, a series of 2-3 master classes given by professionals each academic year).

The master’s degree program consists of 90 ECTS credits: 60 credits are associated with common courses to be taken by all students and the remaining 30 credits depend on the specialization. The two-year master offers two specializations:

Advanced Actuarial and Financial Models (in English)
It is a specialty that aims to provide greater technical training to students. It also includes research materials for students who want to continue after postgraduate studies (PhD).

Applied Actuarial and Financial Models (in Spanish)
This specialty is intended to provide a training for students who want to delve into more applied aspects, facing the future professional dedication.

Degrees offered: Master’s degree in Actuarial and Financial Sciences


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