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2022 Midyear Global Outlook: Back to a Volatile Future

The BlackRock Investment Institute’s 2022 Midyear Outlook explores the shift to a new, more volatile regime through the lens of three investment themes – and translates them into updated asset views.

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Life Design Sprints: How to Deliver Innovation in the Digital Insurance Customer Journey

When it comes to digital life insurance distribution, insurers are increasingly discovering that the customer online journey itself is the product – a new mindset that is bringing new opportunities but requiring new ways of delivering. Explore Life Design Sprints, a repeatable, effective innovation process from RGA.

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Sigma 4/2022 - Global insurance premium volumes to reach new high in 2022

The global economy is slowing sharply and inflation is at multi-decades highs: we anticipate what we call "inflationary recessions" in many major economies over the next 12-18 months. Central banks are hiking interest rates, targeting price stability over economic growth. In our view, this is a notable positive to the current challenging conditions, on two fronts. It will help ward off 1970s-style stagflation. It also signals the end of the era of financial repression.

The RiskStream Collaborative RAPID X: A First Notice of Loss (FNOL) Data Sharing Solution

The RiskStream Collaborative’s RAPID X first notice of loss data sharing solution enables the seamless exchange of information between carrier claim systems, through end to end integration to RiskStream’s Canopy private permissioned network. The RAPID X First Notice of Loss data sharing solution provides the ability to share and update loss data privately with the other carriers participating in the loss event, and has an additional ability to match claims based on an algorithm developed by RiskStream member companies. In total, the RAPID X app has potential to save the U.S.

Advancing Global Financial Security

Worldwide financial insecurity represents one of the greatest challenges and opportunities of our time. With our deep industry knowledge and global footprint, Principal is working to help expand the number of people living in financial security and create new opportunities around the world.

Supply chain disruption – it’s time to rethink your weakest link

While supply chain risk is not new, the perfect storm of a pandemic, worldwide inflation and the war in Ukraine is creating never-before-seen issues across the entire spectrum of business. From breach of contract, to product liabilities, worker injuries, and more, supply chain disruption introduces a host of insurance risks to be aware of—Liberty Mutual can help.

6 Emerging Trends Faced by the Insurance Industry

The insurance industry is facing disruption from digital innovators in their ecosystem and must transform their often centralized, mainframe-based IT infrastructures. They have to adopt contemporary IT services that support the use of multicloud infrastructure and allow insurers to leverage the digital edge to bring customer-focused delivery capabilities to their users, partners and clients.

Genetics and Insurance: Challenges and Opportunities III

As the pace of investigation and discovery in genetics continues to expand and accelerate, genetic and genomic testing is now playing an increasingly pivotal role in clinical medicine as well as in life and health insurance, but barriers to using this information remain. Keep pace with this rapidly evolving field in this comprehensive whitepaper.

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And They Say Actuaries Look Through a Rearview Mirror…

IIS Executive Insights Life & Health Expert: Ronald Klein, Executive Director, BILTIR

Return on Engagement and Why it Matters

The DHEI’s first global whitepaper on Return on Engagement and Why it Matters outlines the findings of our insurance survey.  We analyzed answers from over 1,200 executives to define the current status of digital health engagement tools and how to best integrate them within the life and health insurance industry.