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Country: China

The Department of Risk Management and Insurance at Fudan University's School of Economics (SOE) stands as a prominent institution in China. With origins tracing back to the Business School in 1917, the department has evolved through historical academic restructuring to become a leading center for insurance education and research in mainland China. The modern Department of Risk Management and Insurance, established in 2002, integrates rigorous academic theory with practical application, offering a comprehensive range of undergraduate and graduate programs that embrace interdisciplinary studies in collaboration with entities such as the School of Mathematics, China InsurTech Laboratory, and AIA-Fudan Actuarial Center. The department's undergraduate program, Bachelor of Economics specialized in Insurance, cultivates professionals with a robust understanding of insurance theories, regulations, and modern risk management practices, including an accredited actuarial science track. The two-year Master of Insurance program, grooms students for careers in insurance and finance, fostering international perspectives. With close ties to the insurance industry, students benefit from internships, career guidance, and dual thesis advisories, resulting in a high employability rate and satisfaction among employers. The department's faculty, consisting of nine members with expertise in Insurance, Finance, or Economics, including eight Ph.D. holders, contribute significantly to research and industry engagement, with over half possessing direct industry experience, ensuring a curriculum that remains at the forefront of the field.

Degrees Offered:
Bachelor of Economics specialized in Insurance
Master of Insurance

Course Listings:
Bachelor of Economics specialized in Insurance
Probability Theory and Mathematical Statistics 
Economics History
Corporate Finance
International Economics
Public Finance
Contemporary Chinese Economy
Industrial Economics
Risk Management
Life and Health Insurance
Economics of Insurance
Insurance Article Reading and Writing
Social Practice
Graduation Thesis
Actuarial Mathematics
Risk Theory and Actuarial Modeling
Property and Liability Insurance
Corporate Finance
Marine Insurance
Insurance Law
Financial Management of Insurers
International Finance
Comparement of Social Insurance
Finance Engineering and Loss Reserve
Management of Enterprise Risk
Research of International Risk and Insurance
Approach of Time Series Analysis
Analysis of Cross-sectional and Panel Data
Apply of Econometrics Software

Master of Insurance
Political courses 
Foreign Language
Business English
Insurance Law
Probability theory and mathematical statistics 
Insurance Study 
Management of enterprise risk
Financial Management of Insurance Companies
Insurance economics(CB2)
Business Ethics 
Business Finance(CB1)
Actuarial mathematics
Financial engineering and loss reserving
Risk Theory and Actuarial Modelling
Frontiers in insurance study
Property and liability insurance
Social insurance 
International Insurance
Uncertainty and Economics
Disaster Economics
Financial Economics
Green Finance
Other selective courses

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