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Country: Belgium

At KU Leuven the goal of the Master of Insurance Studies (‘MIS’) program is to offer training in insurance with an academic and quantitative orientation. To this end, the program offers training in actuarial science (or: insurance mathematics) with focus on life and non-life (‘property & casualty’, ‘p&c’) insurance products and pension funds. Additionally, students acquire insight into the measurement and management of risks at financial institutions and in financial products, and they receive training in non-quantitative domains relevant to the insurance business, i.e. insurance regulation, reporting, corporate finance and solvency. KU Leuven also offers an (Advanced) Master of Financial and Actuarial Engineering program (`MFAE'). In the MFAE program, the measurement and management of risks via advanced actuarial and financial models is the central topic. The MFAE has a purely quantitative orientation; the Advanced Master thus strengthens and supplements the analytical skills developed by the MIS. The MFAE provides advanced insights in the actuarial aspects of life insurance, P&C insurance, risk theory and also in finance, as well as in the interrelationship and integration of actuarial sciences and financial mathematics.

We offer high quality coursework from experts in the field of actuarial science, risk management and financial mathematics (among others prof. Jan Dhaene, prof. Wim Schoutens, prof. Katrien Antonio, prof. Tim Verdonck and prof. Jan Beirlant). Students will learn from both full time academics as well as visiting professors with a strong track record in the industry. All professors participate in the Leuven Research Centre for Financial and Actuarial Risk Analysis ( which promotes research, education and corporate connections. The programs are organized by an EQUIS accredited School (the Faculty of Economics and Business) and offers high quality learning center facilities.

The combined program – Master of Insurance Studies and Master of Financial and Actuarial Engineering – is the study track by which students at the KU Leuven gain admission to the Institute of Actuaries in Belgium (IA|BE), and - via this institute - to the International Actuarial Association (I.A.A.).

As from academic year 2018-19 on KU Leuven will only offer the combined program as a two year master program.

Degrees offered: Masters and PhD

Course listings:
Life Insurance Mathematics
Loss Models
Solvency of Financial Institutions
Risk Management in Financial Institutions
Financial Products
Fundamentals of Financial Mathematics
Statistics for Finance and Insurance
Foundations of Risk Measurement
Advanced Non-life Insurance Mathematics
Stochastic Finance in Insurance
Advanced Life Insurance Mathematics

Prof. Dr. Katrien Antonio
Associate professor
AFI - Research Centre Insurance
+32 16 32.67.65

Prof. dr. Katrien Antonio
Associate professor
AFI - Research Centre Insurance
+32 16 32.67.65