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The 5th China Insurtech Innovation Partnering Conference (CIIP 2023)

The 5th China Insurtech Innovation Partnering Conference (CIIP 2023)

 Persisting in long-termism and promoting the real economy

In retrospect and prospect of Chinese insurtech industry development, with the upgrading of digital intelligence technologies such as big data, cloud computing and AI, the insurance industry has accelerated the pace of digital technology innovation and building a tech-driven, and digitally-oriented insurance organization. To seek new momentum and new perspectives for the digital transformation of the industry, this event with the theme of " Digitalization and intelligence evolution, the next decade of insurance technology." , the 5th China Insurtech Innovation partnering Conference ( CIIP 2023 ) will be held in Beijing on November 23-24, 2023. It will gather experts in the field of insurtech, focusing on " A Review Of The Past Points The Way To The Future — Foster New Drivers For Insurance Technology Development”, “digitalization of customers’ experience”, “Digital-intelligentized insurtech empowering the ‘old-age & health & insurance’ industry“, ” the race of car insurance with the digitization upgrading”, “Intelligentized Operation of Insurance Data”, “Insurtech  Assisting Security and Compliance” and so on . Join us and discover new perspectives and opportunities for success in the digital age!

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Beijing, China
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