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Country: China

The Department of Risk Management and Insurance, Peking University (RMI-PKU) runs three full-time academic programs: A Bachelor of Economics in Insurance, a Master of Insurance, and a Ph.D. in Risk Management and Insurance. Over the past four years, in average, 40 undergraduate students, 17 master’s students, and 2 Ph.D. students have joined the RMI-PKU each year. Most of our graduates eventually join the top financial and insurance institutions, consulting firms, prominent research universities, and public institutions in both mainland China and throughout the world. The RMI-PKU closely connects with the industry and the overseas universities offering students with internship positions and exchange programs every summer.

The undergraduate program schedules 8 semesters in 4 years. Students first enter the School of Economics without a pre-determined major. They take courses on economics, mathematics, and other general knowledge. At the beginning of the 4th semester, students choose one of the six undergraduate majors including insurance offered by School of Economics. In the next five semesters, students major in Insurance focus on risk management and insurance courses and are expected to write a credit bearing Bachelor thesis on RMI related topics. The Master of Insurance is a practice oriented program, aiming to better meet the needs for advanced professional talents and to train practical, compound, and applied students. The program schedules 4 semesters in 2 years. The Ph.D. in risk management and insurance schedules for five years, which opens not only to Master degree holders but also to outstanding Bachelor degree applicants. Students in the program take courses in the first year, take the qualify exam and choose supervisors at beginning of 3rd semester, and conduct research in the following 4 years.

The department has nine full-time faculty members dedicated to teaching, research, and social services related to insurance, risk management, and actuarial science. The course, Principles of Insurance, is recognized as one of the Chinese University’s Top-Recommended Courses. Professor Dr. Sun Qixiang, founder of the RMI-PKU and Dean of the School of Economics, won the John S. Bickley Founder’s Award in 2014 and her textbook, Principles of Insurance, is the biggest best seller of insurance book in China. The faculties of RMI-PKU also run the China Center for Insurance and Social Security Research (CCISSR), an influential think tank that addresses improvements and quality in the Chinese insurance and social security fields.

The RMI-PKU was founded in 1993, and its early history dated back to 1912. The RMI-PKU is a core part of the School of Economics, the first modern economics institute in Chinese history. The students and faculty members of RMI-PKU share its core value, which is “excellence in every practice”. Our mission also coincides with many economists and economics students, which is to steer economic development to improve the welfare of people worldwide. We believe that insurance and other risk management techniques are important tools to reach our goal.

Degrees offered: Bachelor, Master, PhD

Course listings:
Principles of Insurance
Risk Management
Corporate Finance
Finance Accounting
Introduction to Insurance Economics
Social Insurance
Principles of Actuarial Science
Insurance Assets Management
Financial Risk Management
Enterprise Risk Management
Property and Liability Insurance
Topics on China’s Insurance Market
Risk Management Models and Practices
Life and Health Insurance
Law of Insurance
Insurance Company Operation and Management
Development Economics
Money and Banking
International Finance
Introduction to Financial Engineering
International Trade
Public Finance
Social Practice
International Insurance: Theory and Practice
Topics on Corporate Finance
Social Insurance: Theory and Practice
Risk Assessment and Management
Practice of Actuarial Science
Basics of Economics
Topics on Economic Reform and Development
Insurance Law and Regulation
Enterprise Risk Management
Corporate Finance and Accounting of Insurance Company
Investment Portfolio Management
Topics on China’s Insurance Market
Risk Management: Models and Practice
Insurance Company Operation and Management
Financial Risk Management
Topics on Financial Mathematics and Actuarial Science
Application of Actuarial Methods

Prof. Dr. Suo, Lingyan
Assistant Dean, Admission Officer
School of Economics, Peking University

Ms. Feng, Li
Officer, Career Development Center,
School of Economics, Peking University

Prof. Zheng, Wei
Chair of Department of Risk Management and Insurance, Peking University,