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Digitalization Turning an opportunity into competitive advantage

“Digital” is becoming a top priority for many CEOs and certainly one of the trendiest buzz-words at the moment. 

When “Googlism” Meets Confucianism in a Reinsurance Company

Google is one of the world’s important innovators and a major influencer of our culture. Confucius lived 2,500 years ago, yet his philosophy still exerts a significant influence over Asian culture. Many in our industry are focused on innovation. 

The Blockchain Revolution - Insurance Considerations

Blockchain technologies could revolutionize the global economy. As a fast paced emerging technology, there is little doubt that it offers enormous potential, however hurdles remain before that potential can be realized. 

Potential Use of Drone’s in Property Risk Consulting

Use of drones or unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) is increasing as the technology keeps evolving. 

Risks of the New Era

Emerging technologies present fascinating opportunities, but as with all new developments, they also create challenges. 

Plasticity for the Evolution of the Life Industry

Innovate or die... But just how to do it is the make or break question. Through her analysis the author suggests that innovation will be at its best when it comes from within.

How to improve Home Foreign Liability Coverage for US Machinery Parts Manufacturers and Automobile Component Suppliers

Over the past decades, US companies who operate internationally do have access to purchase coverage for their premises and product liability for risks abroad through dedicated US brokers in the US market. 

Demographic Distribution Model

In an age where information is now readily accessible, understanding the needs, wants and buying habits of any consumer base is essential to a successful business model. 

London needs to find its way

The London insurance market has long held a disproportionately influential role in the global insurance and reinsurance marketplace based on global premium volume throughput. This has recently raised questions about the longevity of its current position and its future role within the global marketplace. 

Connecting the dots: how the Internet of Things is creating vast opportunities for insurers

One would be hard-pressed (and perhaps rather foolish) to deny the impact that the Internet of Things (IoT) will have on the world around us. From automated cars and home monitoring systems through to the management of infrastructure and the safety of underwater pipelines, IoT is already proving its ability to disrupt and transform virtually every aspect of our lives.